Whether you would like to explore your current options, develop a career plan, step up in your career, looking for a change within your field or want a total career change, during my guided sessions we will work on setting specific goals and establish how important are these goals for you. We will also find out what’s blocking you to move forward, explore possibilities and your potentials.

The Career Change Coaching Programs consist of working on your PURPOSE in life, and identify career possibilities that will connect with your purpose, passions and values.

I offer 2 coaching programs.

4 sessions and 8 sessions programs. Both programs help you gain clarity on what exactly you want and focus on assessing your career interests and options, to help you uncover areas which you never thought of, assess your strengths, and discover your core motivators.


  • Clarifying your career goals and development needs.
  • Breaking through the challenges and roadblocks in your mind so you can set a clear vision for your career.
  • Gaining confidence and getting clear about your future, with a clear sense of exactly what you need to do next.
  • Setting short and long term goals with specific milestones.
  • Career plan strategies.
  • Receiving email support as needed between sessions to check in on your progress or deal with specific questions.

Each program begins with a complementary call to discuss what has led you to explore coaching, how I can help, and you can decide if coaching is right for you.

Book at or email me at, if you would like a complementary call with me.