Seeking a transition of career?

My career coaching program consists of working on your WHY and identify career possibilities that will connect with your purpose, passions and values.

We will identify and learn your strengths, skills, values through an online assessment called Myers Briggs and a session called “FINDING YOUR WHY”.

Then we will match your skills, interests and passions with your ideal career path, jobs and work environments.

  • Step 1-Self Assessment: During this step we will use a self-assessment tool to learn about your values, interests, aptitudes, and personality type. Your goal is to identify a list of suitable careers that match these traits.
  • Step 2 – Finding your Why: Finding your passion or your “WHY” will require introspection, digging into your memory and being open about your feelings.
  • Step 3-Career Exploration: Now that you will know what occupations are suitable based on your self-assessment and your “WHY”,  we will explore the ones that interest you.
  • Step 4-Make a Match: Equiped with information about several careers, you will begin to make a final decision and think about the pros and cons of each of your options.
  • Step 5 – Job search: I will support you on your job search and guide you on the more suitable sites to find your new passion.