Interview Coaching

A job interview is an opportunity to look for common interests between you and the organisation you are interviewing with. Be prepared to be interviewed and prepare yourself to interview the organisation, it’s a 2 way street.  

My interview coaching program consists of practicing how to respond to different types of interview processes and questions, such as:

– Behavioural questions
– Group interviews
– Telephone/Skype interviews
– Panel interviews
– One on one interviews
– Competency questions
– Opinion questions
– Think-on your feet questions

Furthermore, the interview coaching program consists of practicing how to ask the right questions to the organisation, so you can evaluate whether or not you are a fit.

Feedback will be given on:

– Professionalism
– Vocabulary
– Diction
– Personality
– Appropriate responses
– Warmth projected
– Confidence
– Energy

If you are ready to boost your interviewing skills and need advices on how you can gain confidence let’s schedule a tester session  over Skype, Zoom or phone to discuss your needs.

The interview coaching program consists of 1 hour elevator pitch practice and 1.5 interview preparation based on a job vacancy, where oral and written feedback will be given. The total cost is 230 euros.

If you just want to practice your interview skills during 1 hour session, the cost will be 90 euros. Feedback will be given to you and area of improvement.