Build your CV/LinkedIn

Are you thinking about changing job? Before starting the search, you will need a job search plan,  which starts by developing your personal brand, identify target industries and companies. The job market is changing so your CV/Resume needs to change too. You will need a CV/Resume and LinkedIn profile  that deliver your brand message, attract recruiters and beat the Applicant Tracking System.

The Job Change Program focus on:


  • Discussing in length your background experience so I can extract valuable information that will make you unique and stand out from the competition.
  • Showcasing your achievements, so they demonstrate your added value.
  • Highlighting your key (soft and technical) skills, as well as your traits in your field of work, and how you excel at those skills.
  • Describing your past experiences in a storytelling way to grab the reader’s attention.

LinkedIn profile:

  • Offer your unique value proposition.
  • Work on your personal brand and branding statement.
  • Display your career trajectory in a concise manner that resonates with hiring companies.
  • Get found by hiring companies for relevant roles using keywords.

The programme includes, CV/Resume templates to choose, deep dive into your past experiences and skills gained throughout your career, a brand new CV focusing on your strengths and achievements and learn how to tailor your CV/Resume to each role.