How to overcome failure?

How do you get re-energized after being told you have not been appointed for a role you thought would be yours?

Do something that you really enjoy. For example go and see a movie or a play that you always wanted to see, have a meal in your favourite restaurant, take a walk, read your favourite book, listen or watch some motivational speakers on YouTube, treat yourself.

Take the time to reflect on your experience.

Tomorrow is another day and a greater day.  Is it hard to always stay positive? Yes, but if you believe that you will find the right job and in the right company, you will.

Yesterday I had a down moment, what I did was to read my goals, and went through my vision board.  I felt so relaxed afterwards, and these helped remind myself why I want to achieve those goals

Sending 50 applications a day!! And no results.

Recently, someone told that after having his resume and cover letter done, and despite sending 50 applications a day he still hasn’t find a job.

First of all if you send 50 applications a day, it means that you are not applying for the right jobs.

You might have a great resume and cover letter, however if you don’t know how to use them you won’t get shortlisted. Here are some tips.

  • You need to tweak all your Resumes/CVs and cover letters before you send them, so they match the key requirements of the role. Not all companies have the same requirements. Check the company site to learn more about them. (When you have their names)
  • Before sending your application, read carefully the job description and ask yourself: What in the job attracted you? Why do you think it will be a step up?
  • If the job description is short and doesn’t tell you much about the job, try to see if you can speak to the hiring manager or person who posted the job advert. But to be honest if the job description doesn’t say much, would you still send your CV/Resume?
  • Ask yourself what impact would you like make and if you see yourself in this role long term.

If you take the right actions you won’t send 50 applications a day. You will be more selective and will be targeting the jobs/companies that are right for you.