About me

My own career path and why I coach:

While working as an HR Manager in London I started advising people on how to get the jobs they wanted. I discovered that helping others achieve their career goals gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling.

I got serious about doing this work when I moved to Madrid in 2015 and started coaching professionals who wanted to move abroad to start a career.

Being able to coach in English, French or Spanish has helped me work with global-minded professionals to embrace their next challenge and reach professional fulfilment.

I’ve continued with this work, applying highly effective frameworks, principles and techniques to empower clients and optimise their opportunities for success.

I am genuinely interested and driven to help people find direction, identify a rewarding career and make a career change.

My philosophy is that the more I learn, the more I am able to be inspired and inspire others to reach their full potential so they recognise their worth.

Sylvia Nicolas – HR Professional, CIPD qualified and certified Career Coach.