About me

Why working with me?

I work with international professionals and expats, who want to discover more about themselves and want a career that fits who they are.

I help my clients work out what it is they really want (which is not always what they think it is), define goals and overcome the obstacles to achieving them.

This usually involves helping clients work through their limiting beliefs, fears and procrastination, and to develop confidence. As well as providing support, a big part of career coaching is challenging clients when they are reluctant to move forward.

Seeing clients come alive in coaching sessions and take action towards their goals is what makes my job so rewarding!

My coaching approach challenges you on your perceptions and limiting beliefs through effective and powerful questioning and the use of practical tools that help remove barriers such as lack of confidence, self-doubt, and equip you with methodologies that enable you to make change effectively.

Clients who worked with me say that I have a real skill in noticing what others are not saying, and I help explore what it means. I bring a calm but purposeful energy. I create a very safe space where clients can open up without fear of being judged. I am empathetic but firm, give practical tools, and give enough guidance to start the coaching process.

I am passionate about helping people whether it is to find a rewarding career, making a career change, identifying the right career plan and direction, and developing in their current role.

Life is about being happy and my clients are happy with the results they get from working with me. They have a sense of purpose when they leave my coaching programme and are opened to new endeavours.

Here is the link to one of my articles about people I have coached and where they are now: https://thecoachspace.com/blog/career-coaching-where-are-they-now/

Sylvia Nicolas – Certified Career Coach and Career Consultant.