About me

Why working with me?

I work with mid-career international professionals, who want to discover more about themselves and want a career that fits who they are.

Having spent years in the corporate world, been through 2 career changes and pay cuts in order to follow a career that suits who I am, I understand the pressures of working in an environment where you have to put on a professional and smiley face when entering the office.

My coaching approach challenges you on your perceptions and limiting beliefs through effective and powerful questioning and the use of practical tools that help remove barriers such as lack of confidence, self-doubt, procrastination, and equip you with methodologies that enable you to make change effectively.

My combined 13 years of career coaching and HR experience have helped my clients discovering their purpose and overcoming their fears.

I partner with you to help you move from feeling stuck and overwhelmed, through to clarity and confidence.

Coaching is all about results, and I offer a unique combination of deeper level work based on my training and practice as a career coach and HR practitioner.

I speak 3 languages (English, French and Spanish), understand cross-cultural differences and I am an adept at helping you identify your key strengths and qualities.

I am passionate about helping people whether it is to find a rewarding career, making a career change or identifying the right career plan and direction.

Life is about being happy and my clients are happy with the results they get from working with me. They have a sense of purpose when they leave my coaching programme and are opened to new endeavors.

I myself have a mentor, and she guides me through my own journey.

Sylvia Nicolas – Certified Career Coach and Career Consultant.